Annual Exhibition

The biggest event is the annual exhibition of the models built by the members of The Rope. Models built by non-members are invited and JSMCC members in the Tokyo Metropolitan area exhibit models as friendship.

The 1st Exhibition was held in 1976 at the gallery of Ginza ITOYA and we have successfully concluded our 41st Exhibition in 2016 held at the art gallery floor of Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan located in front of JR Yurakucho Station.

The annual exhibitions have been held without interruption. Ginza ITOYA was the venue for the 1st to the 35th Exhibition. Since the 36th exhibition in 2011, Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan has become our regular venue for the annual exhibitions.

Models exhibited at the Exhibitions can be found at Photo Gallery.
The 42nd Exhibition will be held in April 2017.


Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan
Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan

The General and Regular Meetings

June is the month we hold our General Meeting where we review our activities of the past year and discuss and decide the guideline and schedule of the activities for the coming year. Annual budget is approved and the directors are elected in the General Meeting. New members are also introduced and welcomed. Japan National Press Club located at Nippon Press Center in Tokyo has become our regular venue of General Meeting.


Regular Meetins are currently held in September, December and February.
Directors make update report of the activities.  Special guests are invited for lectures and presentations relating to the topics of sailing ships and modeling. At the December meeting, the bazaar is held where the members  put kits, books, plans and building materials on the tables. The members can ask for what they need for modeling at the bazaar too. The bazaar has become our year end fun event.
After these meetings, drinks and foods are offered at the same venue. As the members have a wide variety of professional career and rich life experience, gatherings become the places where the members talk and exchange information not limited to the modeling efforts.


Nippon Press Center
Nippon Press Center


To share technical knowledge and modeling skill, Workshop is held five times a year. Currently Workshop is held in May, July, November and January. Workshop consists of two sessions. Session 1 covers the basic skills and knowledge of modeling. Session 2 covers individual project and specific topics of the members. Presentations are made by a projector and parts and models under construction are usually brought to the session.


School for the Beginners

 Workshop held four times a year
Workshop held four times a year

We have established a school of ship modeling for the beginners which is held annually and conducted by the veteran members of The Rope.
Conducting the School is an effort to obtain new and younger members.
For the year 2016, 19 individuals enrolled in the school and 16 members completed the course. 6 members became new members of The Rope at our regular meeting of 2017.  For the year 2017, we have 8 enrollment and the class starts in June 2017.
The members of The School work on the kit of HMS Charles Royal Yacht at the scale 1/64 for one year. Some of the completed models are exhibited at the annual exhibition of The Rope. The kit was jointly designed and developed by Mr. Shinich Shirai of The Rope and the manufacturer Woody JOE  of Shizuoka, Japan.


The Newsletters

We publish our news magazine The Rope News in March, June,  September and December both in Japanese and English. Contents cover a wide variety of topics for the members.
The Rope News are sent to the honorary members overseas and the members of JSMCC.



As of June 2017,  The Rope consist of 118 members, 5 honorary members of U.S.A. and France and 2 supporters of manufacturer and retailer of the kits of sailing ships.


16 directors were elected for managing activities for the year of 2017.  Steering committee is formed by the directors, President Masaki Kurita, Vice President Mamoru Kimura and Sosuke Kawashima as the secretary.

The school of ship modeling for the beginners
The school of ship modeling for the beginners